The Cottage

Hi and welcome to the Cottage!

Set at the bottom of a hill, along a sometimes raging creek is Ballynoe Cottage. A little rammed earth house hand built during the free thinking, modernist phase of the late 1930' and 40's in Melbourne. It's a quiet place, suspended in time and hidden away from the hubbub of urban life.

It's home to Phoebe and Joel - creative types that see the potential in rusty metal, old timber and broken things; Ollie the whippet (sometime rabbit hunter); the girls and Zorro - that's a whole lot of chickens and the Lavender Araucana rooster struggling with his identity.

There's a veggie patch, a small espaliered fruit tree orchard, succulent and cacti collections as well as experimental plantings of native Australian and exotic plants. The garden is ever growing and expanding in an attempt to do justice to our little piece of Australian history.

I hope you can join us on our journey, life is better when it's shared with friends.

X Phoebe

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  1. I almost bought your house in 1985, but was talked out of it by well meaning parents......always regretted it and always remembered the house, was built by Alastair Knox I think wasn't it ?


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