Saturday, August 3, 2013

Almost a year...

Wow! Almost a year between posts. Thank you to the lovely blogging friends who have checked in on me during this posting silence. It really is such a heartening thing to know that my small contribution to the bloggesphere is valued.

It is very hard to come back after such a long time but sharing words, my garden, garden visits and inspiration is something that I dearly love. I am in the process of developing my very own space in the world wide web that I will share when it is done. It will be very similar, with plenty of photos, ideas on growing food, designing gardens, the amazing beauty of plants and the fundamental connection that us humans share with the natural world.

At my place there is a constant stream of work, shaping and then reshaping the garden, collecting things and putting them together. Stand back, then change it again!

The most recent acquisition is this amazing copper boiler - now home to my Meyer Lemon. I love how the copper tones tie in with the colours of the earth walls and the slate roof...

There's been some serious vegetable garden extending - from four beds to six, new fencing, gates and restructuring of the espaliered fruit trees. Yet to happen is painting of the beds and laying of the new gravel. This summer will be fabulous and I am hoping for some bumper crops!

There has also been plenty of letting nature take its course... There's Borage flowering everywhere where its sheltered enough from the harsh frosts that we are having and many signs of spring poking up through the cold to make the most of the soft, late winter sun.

The rest of the garden is a wild mess with plenty of depressing rabbit carnage. Rings of chicken wire and welded mesh around sticks, really don't make for attractive garden photos! Hopefully soon I will have more to share about it and the exciting planning stage for the coming spring and summer crops.

Here's to a lush coming season of delicious food and beautiful flowers in my little garden of paradise!


  1. Hi Phoebe, long time no see! Lovely to see you back in blog world. I love that big pot against the earth wall, beautiful! Your vegetable garden looks great, so neat and tidy...a perfect clean slate!

  2. Haha I checked in on your blog just last night and noticed it had been quiet. It is nice to have you back :)


  3. Good to have you back blogging and I look forward to hearing about your new venture

  4. Welcome back Phoebe. Glad to see you back here. Looking forward to hearing what you have been up to. Love love love the copper boiler.

  5. I've been in awe of, and immensely inspired by your blog since happening on it by chance in 2011. I feel like you have created my dream garden, if only I had a piece of land to create it on! Very much looking forward to your next web project.

  6. your not the only one that life has taken a front seat

  7. Lovely to see you blogging again Phoebe. Your place is looking great. I LOVE the copper boiler.

  8. Hi - have you stopped blogging - we've had no news for a while.

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  10. Hi there. I just discovered your blog and love your garden photos. I hope you'll keep blogging. I have just recently come back to blogging and I understanding the need to have a good long rest bur it's exciting to be back because there is such a lovely creative blogging community out there.


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