Friday, July 6, 2012


Waaayyy back in September last year, I bought four day old chicks to put under my broody hen Melanie (now deceased a la fox). The only remaining chick (her three siblings are now deceased a la fox) is now of lady laying age after, ohh - lets see - 11 MONTHS! That't the way it rolls in Araucana land apparently!

But now, finally, I get my wish for colourful egg cartons!

The spotty eggs are by my Barnevelder hen, the darker brown by my commercial red hen (New Hampshire, Rhode Island cross) and the paler solid pinky egg by my Sussex mongrel (mystery cross with a Sussex).

I gotta say, egg colour genes are supremely fascinating... I have mighty plans for my girls this spring with a view to expand the flock with more colourful egg layers thanks to my blue gene rooster Zorro. Bring on the spring time and more chicken adventures! Sans fox of course, this time.
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