Wednesday, April 25, 2012

About Time

Its been ages since I've visited this space and I've been very bad to not pop in and write a hiatus post, but I'm BACK, with a bit more garden mojo, a working computer and camera. Hooray!

Thanks to Mrs Bok and Liz for swinging by to say hi, twas a much appreciated incentive to get back on the blogging wagon!

There hasn't been all that much happening in the garden and I'm still harvesting tomatoes, beans and eggplants, so as usual my Autumn plantings are delayed...  Yesterday our neighbour cut down to very tall dead / dying pine trees (two far right tree trunks in the background of the below photo) right on our fence line and so there is a new section of garden to start from scratch. Otherwise, Zorro's the king, the chickens are doing their thing and enjoying the maggoty tomatoes!

I managed an afternoon with a cup of tea and the camera in the garden last Sunday to take some snaps of the status of things. Its all rather drab but the hazy afternoon added a magical quality to the messy garden that suited my ho hum autumn mood.

The dying plant / stake / rusty metal jungle.

Beans and tomatoes still kicking along...

The Clean-up crew.

At least the front garden is looking good. The triffid Tree Dahlias will be great this year (I pinched the pruned canes from a neighbour's green waste bin last spring - talk about absolute cutting success! But I did get sprung by another neighbour in the process, most embarrassing).

That's about all that's going on here at the moment, but there are a few garden visit posts and harvest pictures to come, so stay tuned! It's great to be back and thanks for sticking with me!


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