Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Long Awaited Harvest + Fruit Fly Update

It seems that many of you are winding down your summer harvests, but for me after the Christmas Carnage and fruit fly scare, things are kicking on and I'm finally able to pick things from he garden.

First things first - yes, I most likely do have fruit fly in the garden, but the DPI is no longer taking reports or conducting inspections within the Melbourne metropolitan region so I have been advised to set traps and harvest fruit -  like tomatoes before they completely ripen to reduce chance of 'stinging' (adult flies laying eggs in the fruit). So it's a yay on one hand and a bit of a bother on the other. But oh well life goes on! Hopefully I won't end up with a plague of locusts or something...

Otherwise all is well (except for powdery mildew) in the garden and there are - as always - WAY too many zucchini like vegetables to consume for just two people.

Button squashes are new to my world and totally rock my socks.

Good ol' Black Jack.

Another new love: Romanesco Zucchini. One crazy zucchini! 
These fellas seem to grow in the blink of any eye!

Lebanese Zucchinis for stuffing. Delicious. 

Only Scarlet Runner beans this year - the other varieties were too damaged by the Christmas Day storm to go on and were ripped out. New favourites - very Phoebe Friendly. 

CORN! Best corn EVER! Honey and Cream F1 Hybrid this year from Diggers. 

And finally, at long last, some tomatoes! These are Costoluto di Marmande. 
Destined for some red sauce I think... Next year remind me to plant more cherries and early varieties. I always end up with late beefsteaks which delay my Autumn planting. 

I'm really not ready for Autumn plantings! Summer's only just happening for me, but I do fancy some brussel sprouts...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

And the winner is...


Mrs B
Jody L

Thank you lovely ladies and gentleman for commenting! 
I will email through the codes for you to print out your own tickets.

Could Barbara Good and Jody L could please send me an email please - I haven't been able to find email addresses for you.

And just for good measure - The girls and Zorro managed to break out of the coop today - of course through the front door (that I obviously didn't close properly). They had a great time hunting worms and eating critters in the veggie garden! Hopefully they will reward me with some lovely eggs tomorrow!

Thanks again for commenting and reading! 
And thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for offering the tickets for the give away.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Giveaway: Better Homes & Gardens Live - Melbourne

For the first time Better Homes and Gardens will be launching their live event in Melbourne on the 24th to the 26th of February at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton! The three day event will host four stages, with live demonstrations from the Better Homes and Gardens experts and over 250 companies exhibiting - with everything from furniture and decorating, to gardening (including vegetable growing), food, animals (including chickens!) and everything else within the Better Homes and Gardens sphere!

All the experts you know from TV will be there, demonstrating their creative ideas to help inspire you to bring a little more fun, life and character to your place. There will also be heaps to do and plenty of activities for kids so check out the time table list for all the info.

The team has offered the awesome Ballynoe Cottage readers the chance to win one of 10 (that's right folks, TEN) double passes to the event!  

So! If you are in Melbourne or will be over the 24th to the 26th of Feb and can get to the Carlton Gardens, pop a comment below and I'll randomly draw the 10 lucky winners on the 18th of February. Please include your email address in your comment so that I can send you the ticket link (if you'd rather keep it private, just send me an email with your details). Good Luck!

AND if you darlings are so inclined we could even make it another Melbourne Blogger's Catch UP! WOO!

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